vacuum-opengl-0.0.1: Visualize live Haskell data structures using vacuum, graphviz and OpenGL.



Since GLUT+GHCi is problematic at best, after some very frustating experiments I decided on a client-server architecture.

Usage example:

 $ vacuum-opengl-server &
 vaacum-opengl server started - press ESC to exit. 
 listening on port 55961
 $ ghci
 Prelude> :m + System.Vacuum.OpenGL 
 Prelude System.Vacuum.OpenGL> view [1..5]
 Prelude System.Vacuum.OpenGL> view $ zip "foobar" [1..6]
 Prelude System.Vacuum.OpenGL> :m + Data.Set
 Prelude System.Vacuum.OpenGL Data.Set> view $ fromList [1..10]


  • we need the graphviz executable (called "dot") being in the path.
  • we need the server running
  • the image generated by graphviz may be bigger than the maximum texture size your video card supports (eg. 2048). In this case you will see a white rectangle. TODO: handle this better.


view :: a -> IO ()Source