Changelog for vector-

Changes in version * Add support for ghc >=8.8 monad fail Changes in version * Fixes issue #220, compact heap operations crashing on boxed vectors constructed using traverse. * remove usage of Data.Primitive.Address and clarify the memset Prim Storable smuggling trick in Vector.Storable.Mutable * backport injective type family support Changes in version * Make sure `length` can be inlined * Include modules that test-suites depend on in other-modules Changes in version * Documentation fixes/additions * New functions: createT, iscanl/r, iterateNM, unfoldrM, uniq * New instances for various vector types: Semigroup, MonadZip * Made `Storable` vectors respect memory alignment * Changed some macros to ConstraintKinds - Dropped compatibility with old GHCs to support this * Add `Eq1`, `Ord1`, `Show1`, and `Read1` `Vector` instances, and related helper functions. * Relax context for `Unbox (Complex a)`. Changes in version * Define `Applicative` instances for `Data.Vector.Fusion.Util.{Box,Id}` * Define non-bottom `fail` for `instance Monad Vector` * New generalized stream fusion framework * Various safety fixes - Various overflows due to vector size have been eliminated - Memory is initialized on creation of unboxed vectors * Changes to SPEC usage to allow building under more conditions Changes in version * Allow building with `primitive-0.6` Changes in version * Add support for `deepseq-` Changes in version * Fixed compilation on non-head GHCs Changes in version * Export MVector constructor from Data.Vector.Primitive to match Vector's (which was already exported). * Fix building on GHC 7.9 by adding Applicative instances for Id and Box Changes in version * Support OverloadedLists for boxed Vector in GHC >= 7.8 Changes in version * Minor version bump to rectify PVP violation occured in release Changes in version (deprecated) * Add support for OverloadedLists in GHC >= 7.8 Changes in version * Fix compilation with GHC 7.9 Changes in version * Implement poly-kinded Typeable Changes in version * Require `primitive` to include workaround for a GHC array copying bug Changes in version 0.10 * `NFData` instances * More efficient block fills * Safe Haskell support removed