Changelog for vega-view-

Changelog for vega-view

Tweak the styling on some of the pages to use the "new look"™.

Add drag-and-drop support to the main page. You can now drag in a file (or multiple files) and have their contents be displayed. There is a mode for selecting how new visualizations are added to the page: at the top (default), at the bottom, or clear-out any previous plots.

Bump base minimum version to supporg ghc 8 or later, to save hackage trying to build with older versions. There is no user-visible change to version 0.2.

Internal change to get it to build with ghc 8.2 and 8.0.


The directory view now displays all the visualizations in a directory, and hides those files that are not JSON. Selecting a visualization can now open it in a new page (0.1 behavior) or inline (new).


Initial release