vty-ui-1.6: An interactive terminal user interface library for Vty

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This module provides functionality for tokenizing text streams to differentiate between printed characters and structural elements such as newlines. Once tokenized, such text streams can be manipulated with the functions in this module.



data TextStream a Source

A text stream is a list of text stream entities. A text stream |combines structural elements of the text (e.g., newlines) with the |text itself (words, whitespace, etc.).


TS ![TextStreamEntity a] 


Eq a => Eq (TextStream a) 
Show a => Show (TextStream a) 

data TextStreamEntity a Source

A text stream entity is either a token or a structural element.


T !(Token a)

Constructor for ordinary tokens.




data Token a Source

The type of text tokens. These should consist of printable characters and NOT presentation characters (e.g., newlines). Each type of token should have as its contents a string of characters all of the same type. Tokens are generalized over an attribute type which can be used to annotate each token.



Non-whitespace tokens.


tokenStr :: !Text

The token's string.

The token's string.

tokenAttr :: !a

The token's attribute.

The token's attribute.


Whitespace tokens.


tokenStr :: !Text

The token's string.

The token's string.

tokenAttr :: !a

The token's attribute.

The token's attribute.


Eq a => Eq (Token a) 
Show a => Show (Token a) 

To and from strings

tokenize :: Text -> a -> TextStream aSource

Tokenize a string and apply a default attribute to every token in the resulting text stream.

serialize :: TextStream a -> TextSource

Given a text stream, serialize the stream to its original textual representation. This discards token attribute metadata.


tokenLen :: Token a -> IntSource

Get the length of a token's string.

entityToken :: TextStreamEntity a -> Token aSource

Gets a Token from an entity or raises an exception if the entity does not contain a token. Used primarily for convenience transformations in which the parameter is known to be a token entity.

streamEntities :: TextStream a -> [TextStreamEntity a]Source

Get the entities in a stream.


truncateLine :: Phys -> [Token a] -> [Token a]Source

Given a list of tokens, truncate the list so that its underlying string representation does not exceed the specified column width.

truncateText :: Phys -> Text -> TextSource

Same as truncateLine but for Text values.

wrapStream :: Eq a => Phys -> TextStream a -> TextStream aSource

Given a text stream and a wrapping width, return a new TextStream with newlines inserted in appropriate places to wrap the text at the specified column (not character position).

This function results in text wrapped without leading or trailing whitespace on wrapped lines, although it preserves leading whitespace in the text which was not the cause of the wrapping transformation.

findLines :: [TextStreamEntity a] -> [[TextStreamEntity a]]Source

Given a list of text stream entities, split up the list wherever newlines occur. Returns a list of lines of entities, such that all entities wrap tokens and none are newlines. (Safe for use with entityToken.)