webdriver-0.3: a Haskell client for the Selenium WebDriver protocol

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A module for working with Firefox profiles. Firefox profiles are manipulated in pure code and then "prepared" for network transmission.



data Firefox Source

Phantom type used in the parameters of Profile and PreparedProfile

data Profile b Source

This structure allows you to construct and manipulate profiles in pure code, deferring execution of IO operations until the profile is "prepared". This type is shared by both Firefox and Opera profile code; when a distinction must be made, the phantom type parameter is used to differentiate.




profileDir :: FilePath

Location of the profile in the local file system

profileExts :: HashSet FilePath

A set of filepaths pointing to browser extensions.

profilePrefs :: HashMap Text ProfilePref

A map of Firefox preferences. These are the settings found in the profile's prefs.js, and entries found in about:config


Eq (Profile b) 
Show (Profile b) 

data PreparedProfile b Source

Represents a profile that has been prepared for network transmission. The profile cannot be modified in this form.


data ProfilePref Source

A profile preference value. This is the subset of JSON values that excludes arrays, objects, and null.

class ToPref a whereSource

A typeclass to convert types to profile preference values


toPref :: a -> ProfilePrefSource

addPref :: ToPref a => Text -> a -> Profile b -> Profile bSource

Add a new preference entry to a profile, overwriting any existing entry with the same key.

getPref :: Text -> Profile b -> Maybe ProfilePrefSource

Retrieve a preference from a profile by key name.

deletePref :: Text -> Profile b -> Profile bSource

Delete an existing preference entry from a profile. This operation is silent if the preference wasn't found.


addExtension :: FilePath -> Profile b -> Profile bSource

Add a new extension to the profile. The file path should refer to an .xpi file or an extension directory. This operation has no effect if the same extension has already been added to this profile.

deleteExtension :: FilePath -> Profile b -> Profile bSource

Delete an existing extension from the profile. The file path should refer to an .xpi file or an extension directory. This operation has no effect if the extension was never added to the profile.

Loading and preparing profiles

loadProfile :: MonadBaseControl IO m => FilePath -> m (Profile Firefox)Source

Load an existing profile from the file system. Any prepared changes made to the Profile will have no effect to the profile on disk.

prepareProfile :: MonadBase IO m => Profile Firefox -> m (PreparedProfile Firefox)Source

Prepare a firefox profile for network transmission. Internally, this function constructs a Firefox profile within a temp directory, archives it as a zip file, and then base64 encodes the zipped data. The temporary directory is deleted afterwards

prepareTempProfile :: MonadBase IO m => (Profile Firefox -> Profile Firefox) -> m (PreparedProfile Firefox)Source

Apply a function on an automatically generated default profile, and prepare the result. The Profile passed to the handler function is the default profile used by sessions when Nothing is specified

prepareLoadedProfile :: MonadBaseControl IO m => FilePath -> (Profile Firefox -> Profile Firefox) -> m (PreparedProfile Firefox)Source

Convenience function to load an existing Firefox profile from disk, apply a handler function, and then prepare the result for network transmission.