webkit- Binding to the Webkit library.

Portabilityportable (depends on GHC)
Safe HaskellNone




Access to the WebKit Web Database



WebKitWebDatabase is a representation of a Web Database database. The proposed Web Database standard introduces support for SQL databases that web sites can create and access on a local computer through JavaScript.

To get access to all databases defined by a security origin, use securityOriginGetDatabases Each database has a canonical name, as well as a user-friendly display name.

WebKit uses SQLite to create and access the local SQL databases. The location of a WebKitWebDatabase can be accessed wth webDatabaseGetFilename You can configure the location of all databases with setDatabaseDirectoryPath.

For each database the web site can define an estimated size which can be accessed with webDatabaseGetExpectedSize The current size of the database in bytes is returned by webDatabaseGetSize.

For more information refer to the Web Database specification proposal at http:



webDatabaseGetDisplayName :: WebDatabaseClass self => self -> IO StringSource

Returns the name of the WebDatabase as seen by the user.

webDatabaseGetExpectedSize :: WebDatabaseClass self => self -> IO IntSource

Returns the expected size of the Database in bytes as defined by the web author. The Web Database standard allows web authors to specify an expected size of the database to optimize the user experience.

webDatabaseGetFilename :: WebDatabaseClass self => self -> IO StringSource

Returns the absolute filename to the WebKitWebDatabase file on disk.

webDatabaseGetName :: WebDatabaseClass self => self -> IO StringSource

Returns the canonical name of the WebDatabase.

webDatabaseGetSecurityOrigin :: WebDatabaseClass self => self -> IO SecurityOriginSource

Returns the security origin of the WebKitWebDatabase.

webDatabaseGetSize :: WebDatabaseClass self => self -> IO IntSource

Returns the actual size of the WebDatabase space on disk in bytes.

webDatabaseRemove :: WebDatabaseClass self => self -> IO ()Source

Removes the WebDatabase from its security origin and destroys all data stored in the database.