Metadata revisions for wrapped-generic-default-

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No. Time User SHA256
-r2 2021-11-03T06:37:08Z AndrewPritchard 918a88f787adf863cc8cb6c00562e3a14a27021886d4f51de108c461d37bcfdf
  • Changed the library component's library dependency on 'base' from

    >=4.9 && <4.16
    >=4.9 && <4.17

-r1 2021-10-11T05:14:33Z AndrewPritchard 47672fb8950ced4207e541b533e0e5fbefa22bc0648ef7fd09b462f3715ce544
  • Changed synopsis from

    Provides an orphan instance Default (Wrapped Generic a)
    A Generic instance of Default

-r0 2021-09-17T22:53:20Z AndrewPritchard df121e106e0b2663d08a6bf395a05d6e32e9b43c55f5ad5191fb527772ac0ba7