wumpus-basic-0.13.0: Common drawing utilities built on wumpus-core.

Stabilityhighly unstable
MaintainerStephen Tetley <stephen.tetley@gmail.com>



A Coordinate is operationally like a shape but it can only be drawn as a dot or a cross and it only supports CenterAnchor.

Coordinates support affine transformations, however transfomations only displace a coordinate's origin they do not change how it is drawn (one cannot elongate the drawing of a coordinate with a scale). This is why coordinates are not Shapes, though one major use of coordinates is to illustrate anchor points on Shapes.



data CoordinateAnchor u Source


data Coordinate u Source


Eq u => Eq (Coordinate u) 
Ord u => Ord (Coordinate u) 
Show u => Show (Coordinate u) 
(Real u, Floating u) => Rotate (Coordinate u) 
(Real u, Floating u) => RotateAbout (Coordinate u) 
Num u => Scale (Coordinate u) 
Num u => Translate (Coordinate u) 

coordinate :: Num u => LocCoordinate uSource

coordinateX :: (Real u, Floating u, FromPtSize u) => Coordinate u -> Image u (CoordinateAnchor u)Source

Note - the x is drawn regardless of any scaling or rotation.