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Data types
data Border
= BorderSimple
| BorderDouble
| BorderSunken
| BorderRaised
| BorderStatic
| BorderNone
class Textual w where
text :: Attr w String
appendText :: w -> String -> IO ()
class Literate w where
font :: Attr w FontStyle
fontSize :: Attr w Int
fontWeight :: Attr w FontWeight
fontFamily :: Attr w FontFamily
fontShape :: Attr w FontShape
fontFace :: Attr w String
fontUnderline :: Attr w Bool
textColor :: Attr w Color
textBgcolor :: Attr w Color
class Dimensions w where
outerSize :: Attr w Size
position :: Attr w Point
area :: Attr w Rect
bestSize :: ReadAttr w Size
clientSize :: Attr w Size
virtualSize :: Attr w Size
class Colored w where
bgcolor :: Attr w Color
color :: Attr w Color
class Visible w where
visible :: Attr w Bool
refresh :: w -> IO ()
fullRepaintOnResize :: Attr w Bool
class Bordered w where
border :: Attr w Border
class Child w where
parent :: ReadAttr w (Window ())
class Parent w where
children :: ReadAttr w [Window ()]
clipChildren :: Attr w Bool
class Closeable w where
close :: w -> IO ()
class Selection w where
selection :: Attr w Int
class Selections w where
selections :: Attr w [Int]
class Items w a | w -> a where
itemCount :: ReadAttr w Int
items :: Attr w [a]
item :: Int -> Attr w a
itemDelete :: w -> Int -> IO ()
itemsDelete :: w -> IO ()
itemAppend :: w -> a -> IO ()
class Able w where
enabled :: Attr w Bool
class Help w where
help :: Attr w String
class Tipped w where
tooltip :: Attr w String
class Identity w where
identity :: Attr w Int
class Styled w where
style :: Attr w Int
class Framed w where
resizeable :: Attr w Bool
minimizeable :: Attr w Bool
maximizeable :: Attr w Bool
closeable :: Attr w Bool
class Checkable w where
checkable :: Attr w Bool
checked :: Attr w Bool
class Dockable w where
dockable :: Attr w Bool
class Pictured w where
picture :: Attr w FilePath
class Valued w where
value :: Attr (w a) a
class Sized w where
size :: Attr w Size
Data types
data Border Source
Window borders
BorderSimpleDisplays a thin border around the window.
BorderDoubleDisplays a double border. Windows only.
BorderSunkenDisplays a sunken border.
BorderRaisedDisplays a raised border.
BorderStaticDisplays a border suitable for a static control. Windows only
BorderNoneNo border
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class Textual w whereSource
Widgets with a label or text field.
text :: Attr w StringSource
The text of a widget. It is interpreted differently for for different widgets, for example, the title of a frame or the content of a static text control.
appendText :: w -> String -> IO ()Source
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class Literate w whereSource
Widgets with a font.
font :: Attr w FontStyleSource
The font of the widget.
fontSize :: Attr w IntSource
The font size.
fontWeight :: Attr w FontWeightSource
The font weight.
fontFamily :: Attr w FontFamilySource
The font family.
fontShape :: Attr w FontShapeSource
The font style.
fontFace :: Attr w StringSource
The font face: determines a platform dependent font.
fontUnderline :: Attr w BoolSource
Is the font underlined?
textColor :: Attr w ColorSource
Text color.
textBgcolor :: Attr w ColorSource
Text background color
class Dimensions w whereSource
Widgets that have a size.
outerSize :: Attr w SizeSource
The outer size of a widget (in pixels).
position :: Attr w PointSource
The (relative) position of a widget.
area :: Attr w RectSource
The occupied area.
bestSize :: ReadAttr w SizeSource
The preferred size of a widget.
clientSize :: Attr w SizeSource
The area available for client use (i.e. without the border etc).
virtualSize :: Attr w SizeSource
The virtual size of a widget (ie. the total scrolling area)
class Colored w whereSource
bgcolor :: Attr w ColorSource
The background color.
color :: Attr w ColorSource
The (foreground) color
class Visible w whereSource
Visible widgets.
visible :: Attr w BoolSource
Is the widget visible?
refresh :: w -> IO ()Source
Refresh the widget explicitly.
fullRepaintOnResize :: Attr w BoolSource
Should the widget be fully repainted on resize? This attribute only has effect when set at creation. If False, you will have to repaint the new window area manually at a resize, but flickering caused by background redraws can be prevented in this way. (False by default)
class Bordered w whereSource
Widgets with a border.
border :: Attr w BorderSource
Specify the border of a widget.
class Child w whereSource
Widgets that are part of a hierarchical order.
parent :: ReadAttr w (Window ())Source
The parent widget.
class Parent w whereSource
Parent widgets.
children :: ReadAttr w [Window ()]Source
Get the child widgets of a window.
clipChildren :: Attr w BoolSource
Reduce flicker by not redrawing the background under child controls. This attribute has to be set at creation time. (True by default)
class Closeable w whereSource
Widgets that can be closed.
close :: w -> IO ()Source
Close the widget.
class Selection w whereSource
Widgets with a single selection (radio group or listbox)
selection :: Attr w IntSource
The current selection as a zero-based index. Certain widgets return -1 when no item is selected.
class Selections w whereSource
Widget with zero or more selections (multi select list boxes)
selections :: Attr w [Int]Source
The currently selected items in zero-based indices.
class Items w a | w -> a whereSource
Widgets containing certain items (like strings in a listbox)
itemCount :: ReadAttr w IntSource
Number of items.
items :: Attr w [a]Source
All the items as a list. This attribute might not be writable for some widgets (like radioboxes)
item :: Int -> Attr w aSource
An item by zero-based index.
itemDelete :: w -> Int -> IO ()Source
Delete an item. Only valid for writeable items.
itemsDelete :: w -> IO ()Source
Delete all items. Only valid for writeable items.
itemAppend :: w -> a -> IO ()Source
Append an item. Only valid for writeable items.
class Able w whereSource
Widgets that can be enabled or disabled.
enabled :: Attr w BoolSource
Enable, or disable, the widget.
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class Help w whereSource
Widgets with help text.
help :: Attr w StringSource
Short help text, normally displayed in the status bar or popup balloon.
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class Tipped w whereSource
Widgets that have a tooltip
tooltip :: Attr w StringSource
The tooltip information
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class Identity w whereSource
The identity determines the wxWindows ID of a widget.
identity :: Attr w IntSource
The identity determines the wxWindows ID of a widget.
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class Styled w whereSource
The style is a bitmask that determines various properties of a widget.
style :: Attr w IntSource
The windows style.
class Framed w whereSource
Widgets that have a system frame around them.
resizeable :: Attr w BoolSource
Make the widget user resizeable? This attribute must be set at creation time.
minimizeable :: Attr w BoolSource
Can the widget be minimized? This attribute must be set at creation time.
maximizeable :: Attr w BoolSource
Can the widget be maximized? This attribute must be set at creation time and is normally used together with resizeable.
closeable :: Attr w BoolSource
Can the widget be closed by the user? This attribute must be set at creation time.
class Checkable w whereSource
Checkable widgets
checkable :: Attr w BoolSource
Is the widget checkable?
checked :: Attr w BoolSource
Is the widget checked?
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class Dockable w whereSource
Dockable widgets.
dockable :: Attr w BoolSource
Is the widget dockable?
class Pictured w whereSource
Widgets with a picture.
picture :: Attr w FilePathSource
The image of a widget.
class Valued w whereSource
Items with a value.
value :: Attr (w a) aSource
The value of an object.
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class Sized w whereSource
Sized objects (like bitmaps)
size :: Attr w SizeSource
The size of an object. (is outerSize for Dimensions widgets).
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