Printer abstraction layer. See sampleswxPrint.hs for a demo.

The application should create a pageSetupDialog to hold the printer settings of the user.

 f <- frame [text := "Print demo"]                               
 -- Create a pageSetup dialog with an initial margin of 25 mm.
 pageSetup <- pageSetupDialog f 25

The dialog can be shown using pageSetupShowModal. Furthermore, the function printDialog and printPreview can be used to show a print dialog and preview window.

 mprint   <- menuItem file 
                [ text := "&Print..."
                , help := "Print a test"
                , on command := printDialog pageSetup "Test"  pageFun printFun
 mpreview <- menuItem file 
                [ text := "&Print preview"
                , help := "Print preview"
                , on command := printPreview pageSetup "Test" pageFun printFun 

Those functions take a PageFunction and PrintFunction respectively that get called to determine the number of needed pages and to draw on the printer DC respectively. The framework takes automatic care of printer margins, preview scaling etc.



pageSetupDialog :: Frame a -> Int -> IO (PageSetupDialog ())

Create a (hidden) page setup dialog that remembers printer settings. It is a parameter to the functions printDialog and printPreview. The creation function takes a parent frame and the initial page margins (in millimeters) as an argument.

pageSetupShowModal :: PageSetupDialog a -> IO ()

Show the page setup dialog

printDialog :: PageSetupDialog a -> String -> PageFunction -> PrintFunction -> IO ()

Show a print dialog.

printPreview :: PageSetupDialog a -> String -> PageFunction -> PrintFunction -> IO ()

Show a preview window


type PageFunction = PageInfo -> PrintInfo -> Size -> (Int, Int)

Return a page range given page info, print info, and the printable size. The printable size is the number of pixels available for printing without the page margins.

type PrintFunction = PageInfo -> PrintInfo -> Size -> DC () -> Int -> IO ()

Print a page given page info, print info, the printable size, the printer device context and the current page. The printable size is the number of pixels available for printing without the page margins

Page and printer info

data PageInfo

Information from the page setup dialog. All measurements are in millimeters.




pageSize :: Size

The page size (in millimeters)

pageArea :: Rect

The available page area (=margins) (in millimeters)


Show PageInfo 

data PrintInfo

Printer information.




screenPPI :: Size

screen pixels per inch

printerPPI :: Size

printer pixels per inch

printPageSize :: Size

printable area (in pixels) = PageInfo pageSize minus printer margins


Show PrintInfo 


printOutGetPrintInfo :: Printout a -> IO PrintInfo

Extract print info

pageSetupDialogGetFrame :: PageSetupDialog a -> IO (Frame ())

Get the parent frame of a PageSetupDialog.