xls: Parse Microsoft Excel xls files (BIFF/Excel 97-2004)

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Parse Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files in .xls file format (extension .xls) more specifically known as 'BIFF/Excel 97-2004'.

The library is based on the C library https://sourceforge.net/projects/libxls.

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Versions0.1.0, 0.1.0, 0.1.1
Change logNone available
Dependenciesbase (==4.*), conduit (>=1.1 && <1.3), filepath (>=1.0 && <1.5), getopt-generics (>=0.11 && <0.14), resourcet (>=0.3 && <1.2), transformers (>=0.1 && <0.6), xls [details]
Copyright2016 Harendra Kumar, 2004-2014 Authors of libxls
AuthorHarendra Kumar
CategoryCodec, Data, Parser, Spreadsheet
Home pagehttp://github.com/harendra-kumar/xls
Source repositoryhead: git clone https://github.com/harendra-kumar/xls
UploadedFri Oct 14 14:48:54 UTC 2016 by harendra





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Haskell xls Parsing

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xls is a Haskell library to parse Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files. It parses the xls file format (extension .xls) more specifically known as BIFF/Excel 97-2004.

It can be useful for mining data from old Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.


Use decodeXls to get a streaming Conduit. For example to convert an xls file to comma separated csv:

xlsToCSV :: String -> IO ()
xlsToCSV file =
    $ decodeXls file
    $$ CL.mapM_ (liftIO . putStrLn . intercalate ",")

An xls2csv utility is shipped with the package. See the haddock documentation for the API details.

Under the hood

The library is based on the C library libxls, see sourceforge or github.

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