xlsx-0.7.2: Simple and incomplete Excel file parser/writer

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data Table Source #

Tables are ranges of data in the worksheet that have special behavior applied which allow users to better sort, analyze, format, manage, add, and delete data. Tables and table columns can also be referenced through formulas by the spreadsheet application using friendly names, making formula calculations that use tables much easier to understand and maintain. Tables provide a natural way for working with large sets of tabular data.

NOTE: as headerRowCount property isn't yet supported it's supposed that it's library user liability to guarantee that the 1st row of tblRef range contains cells with names specified in tblColumns

Section 18.5 "Tables" (p. 1728) Section 18.5.1 "Tables" (p. 1729) Section "table (Table)" (p. 1730)




  • tblDisplayName :: Text

    A string representing the name of the table. This is the name that shall be used in formula references, and displayed in the UI to the spreadsheet user. This name shall not have any spaces in it, and it shall be unique amongst all other displayNames and definedNames in the workbook. The character lengths and restrictions are the same as for definedNames .

  • tblName :: Maybe Text

    A string representing the name of the table that is used to reference the table programmatically through the spreadsheet applications object model. This string shall be unique per table per sheet. It has the same length and character restrictions as for displayName. By default this should be the same as the table's tblDisplayName . This name should also be kept in synch with the displayName when the displayName is updated in the UI by the spreadsheet user.

  • tblRef :: CellRef

    The range on the relevant sheet that the table occupies expressed using A1 style referencing.

  • tblColumns :: [TableColumn]

    columns of this table, specification requires any table to include at least 1 column

  • tblAutoFilter :: Maybe AutoFilter

data TableColumn Source #

Single table column

TODO: styling information

Section "tableColumn (Table Column)" (p. 1735)




  • tblcName :: Text

    A string representing the unique caption of the table column. This is what shall be displayed in the header row in the UI, and is referenced through functions. This name shall be unique per table.


Eq TableColumn Source # 
Show TableColumn Source # 
Generic TableColumn Source # 

Associated Types

type Rep TableColumn :: * -> * #

NFData TableColumn Source # 


rnf :: TableColumn -> () #

type Rep TableColumn Source # 
type Rep TableColumn = D1 * (MetaData "TableColumn" "Codec.Xlsx.Types.Table" "xlsx-0.7.2-Bllq6ZS7v593hEJpIAxkWW" False) (C1 * (MetaCons "TableColumn" PrefixI True) (S1 * (MetaSel (Just Symbol "tblcName") NoSourceUnpackedness NoSourceStrictness DecidedLazy) (Rec0 * Text)))