xml-basic- Basics for XML/HTML representation and processing

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list :: [(Name, Char)]Source

A table mapping XML entity names to code points. Although entity references can in principle represent more than one character, the standard entities only contain one character.

listInternetExploder :: [(Name, Char)]Source

This list excludes apos as Internet Explorer does not know about it.

numberToChar :: String -> Exceptional String CharSource

Lookup a numeric entity, the leading '#' must have already been removed.

 numberToChar "65" == Success 'A'
 numberToChar "x41" == Success 'A'
 numberToChar "x4E" === Success 'N'
 numberToChar "x4e" === Success 'N'
 numberToChar "Haskell" == Exception "..."
 numberToChar "" == Exception "..."
 numberToChar "89439085908539082" == Exception "..."

It's safe to use that for arbitrary big number strings, since we abort parsing as soon as possible.

 numberToChar (repeat '1') == Exception "..."