xmonad-contrib-0.11.3: Third party extensions for xmonad

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A wmii-like layout algorithm.



This module provides a layout inspired by the one used by the wmii (http://wmii.suckless.org) window manager. Windows are arranged into groups in a horizontal row, and each group can lay out its windows

  • by maximizing the focused one
  • by tabbing them (wmii uses a stacked layout, but I'm too lazy to write it)
  • by arranging them in a column.

As the groups are arranged in a ZoomRow, the relative width of each group can be increased or decreased at will. Groups can also be set to use the whole screen whenever they have focus.

You can use the contents of this module by adding

 import XMonad.Layout.Groups.Wmii

to the top of your ./.xmonad/xmonad.hs, and adding wmii (with a Shrinker and decoration Theme as parameters) to your layout hook, for example:

 myLayout = wmii shrinkText defaultTheme

To be able to zoom in and out of groups, change their inner layout, etc., create key bindings for the relevant actions:

 ((modMask, xK_f), toggleGroupFull)

and so on.

For more information on how to extend your layout hook and key bindings, see XMonad.Doc.Extending.

Finally, you will probably want to be able to move focus and windows between groups in a consistent fashion. For this, you should take a look at the XMonad.Layout.Groups.Helpers module, whose contents are re-exported by this module.

zoomGroupIn :: X ()Source

Increase the width of the focused group

zoomGroupOut :: X ()Source

Decrease the size of the focused group

zoomGroupReset :: X ()Source

Reset the size of the focused group to the default

toggleGroupFull :: X ()Source

Toggle whether the currently focused group should be maximized whenever it has focus.

groupToNextLayout :: X ()Source

Rotate the layouts in the focused group.

groupToFullLayout :: X ()Source

Switch the focused group to the "maximized" layout.

groupToTabbedLayout :: X ()Source

Switch the focused group to the "tabbed" layout.

groupToVerticalLayout :: X ()Source

Switch the focused group to the "column" layout.

Useful re-exports

defaultTheme :: ThemeSource

The default xmonad Theme.