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Alternative to XMonad.Operations.sendMessage that provides knowledge of whether the message was handled, and utility functions based on this facility.
send :: Message a => a -> X Bool
tryMessage :: (Message a, Message b) => a -> b -> X Bool
tryMessage_ :: (Message a, Message b) => a -> b -> X ()
tryInOrder :: [SomeMessage] -> X Bool
tryInOrder_ :: [SomeMessage] -> X ()
sm :: Message a => a -> SomeMessage
sendSM :: SomeMessage -> X Bool
sendSM_ :: SomeMessage -> X ()

You can use this module with the following in your ~/.xmonad/xmonad.hs:

 import XMonad.Actions.MessageFeedback

You can then use this module's functions wherever an action is expected.

Note that most functions in this module have a return type of X Bool whereas configuration options will expect a X () action. For example, the key binding

 -- Shrink the master area of a tiled layout, or move the focused window
 -- to the left in a WindowArranger-based layout
 ((modKey, xK_Left), tryMessage Shrink (MoveLeft 50))

is mis-typed. For this reason, this module provides alternatives (ending with an underscore, e.g. tryMessage_) that discard their result and return an X (). For example, to correct the previous example:

 ((modKey, xK_Left), tryMessage_ Shrink (MoveLeft 50))
send :: Message a => a -> X BoolSource
Behaves like XMonad.Operations.sendMessage, but returns True of the message was handled by the layout, False otherwise.
tryMessage :: (Message a, Message b) => a -> b -> X BoolSource
Sends the first message, and if it was not handled, sends the second. Returns True if either message was handled, False otherwise.
tryMessage_ :: (Message a, Message b) => a -> b -> X ()Source
tryInOrder :: [SomeMessage] -> X BoolSource
Tries sending every message of the list in order until one of them is handled. Returns True if one of the messages was handled, False otherwise.
tryInOrder_ :: [SomeMessage] -> X ()Source
sm :: Message a => a -> SomeMessageSource
Convenience shorthand for SomeMessage.
sendSM :: SomeMessage -> X BoolSource
sendSM_ :: SomeMessage -> X ()Source
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