yarr-1.2.3: Yet another array library

Safe HaskellNone




Checked meta repr

data CHK r Source


UTarget tr tl sh a => UTarget (CHK tr) tl sh a 
USource r l sh a => USource (CHK r) l sh a 
Regular r l sh a => Regular (CHK r) l sh a 
Manifest r mr l sh a => Manifest (CHK r) (CHK mr) l sh a 
UVecTarget tr tslr l sh v e => UVecTarget (CHK tr) (CHK tslr) l sh v e 
UVecSource r slr l sh v e => UVecSource (CHK r) (CHK slr) l sh v e 
VecRegular r slr l sh v e => VecRegular (CHK r) (CHK slr) l sh v e 
NFData (UArray r l sh a) => NFData (UArray (CHK r) l sh a) 

There is also Checked UArray family constructor, which isn't presented in the docs because Haddock doesn't support associated family constructors.

See source of Yarr.Debug module.


yarr :: String -> IO ()Source

Yarr something to stderr.

yerr :: String -> aSource

Yarr something as error message.