yesod-auth-0.7.9: Authentication for Yesod.






:: YesodAuth m 
=> Text

Application ID

-> Text

Application secret

-> [Text]

Requested permissions

-> AuthPlugin m 

Authentication plugin using Facebook.

facebookLogin :: AuthRouteSource

Route for login using this authentication plugin.

facebookUrl :: AuthRouteSource

This is just a synonym of facebookLogin. Deprecated since yesod-auth 0.7.8, please use facebookLogin instead.

facebookLogout :: AuthRouteSource

Route for logout using this authentication plugin. Per Facebook's policies (, the user needs to logout from Facebook itself as well.

getFacebookAccessToken :: MonadIO mo => GGHandler sub master mo (Maybe AccessToken)Source

Get Facebook's access token from the session. Returns Nothing if it's not found (probably because the user is not logged in via Facebook). Note that the returned access token may have expired.