-- | WARNING: This module exposes internal interfaces solely for the
-- purpose of facilitating cabal-driven testing of said interfaces.
-- This module is NOT part of the public Yesod API and should NOT be
-- imported by library users.
module Yesod.Internal.TestApi
  ( randomString, parseWaiRequest'
  , catchIter
  ) where

import Yesod.Internal.Request (randomString, parseWaiRequest')
import Control.Exception (Exception, catch)
import Data.Enumerator (Iteratee (..), Step (..))
import Data.ByteString (ByteString)
import Prelude hiding (catch)

catchIter :: Exception e
          => Iteratee ByteString IO a
          -> (e -> Iteratee ByteString IO a)
          -> Iteratee ByteString IO a
catchIter (Iteratee mstep) f = Iteratee $ do
    step <- mstep `catch` (runIteratee . f)
    return $ case step of
        Continue k -> Continue $ \s -> catchIter (k s) f
        Yield b s -> Yield b s
        Error e -> Error e