yesod-form-1.6.4: Form handling support for Yesod Web Framework

Safe HaskellNone



A module providing a means of creating multiple input forms, such as a list of 0 or more recipients.



inputList Source #


:: (xml ~ WidgetFor site (), RenderMessage site FormMessage) 
=> Html

label for the form

-> ([[FieldView site]] -> xml)

how to display the rows, usually either massDivs or massTable

-> (Maybe a -> AForm (HandlerFor site) a)

display a single row of the form, where Maybe a gives the previously submitted value

-> Maybe [a]

default initial values for the form

-> AForm (HandlerFor site) [a] 

Generate a form that accepts 0 or more values from the user, allowing the user to specify that a new row is necessary.

massDivs :: [[FieldView site]] -> WidgetFor site () Source #

massTable :: [[FieldView site]] -> WidgetFor site () Source #