yesod-test- integration testing for WAI/Yesod Applications

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This module uses HXT to transverse an HTML document using CSS selectors.

The most important function here is findBySelector, it takes a CSS query and a string containing the HTML to look into, and it returns a list of the HTML fragments that matched the given query.

Only a subset of the CSS spec is currently supported:

  • By tag name: table td a
  • By class names: .container .content
  • By Id: #oneId
  • By attribute: [hasIt], [exact=match], [contains*=text], [starts^=with], [ends$=with]
  • Union: a, span, p
  • Immediate children: div > p
  • Get jiggy with it: div[data-attr=yeah] > .mon, div, #oneThing



findBySelector :: HtmlLBS -> Query -> Either String [String]Source

Perform a css Query on Html. Returns Either

  • Left: Query parse error.
  • Right: List of matching Html fragments.

For HXT hackers

These functions expose some low level details that you can blissfully ignore.

parseQuery :: Text -> Either String [[SelectorGroup]]Source

Parses a query into an intermediate format which is easy to feed to HXT

  • The top-level lists represent the top level comma separated queries.
  • SelectorGroup is a group of qualifiers which are separated with spaces or > like these three: table.main.odd tr.even > td.big
  • A SelectorGroup as a list of Selector items, following the above example the selectors in the group are: table, .main and .odd