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class Foldable tree => IsTree tree where Source

Minimal complete definition

uniplate, emptyNode


subtrees :: tree t -> [tree t] Source

Direct subtrees of a tree

uniplate :: tree t -> ([tree t], [tree t] -> tree t) Source

emptyNode :: tree t Source

toksAfter :: Foldable t1 => t -> t1 a -> [a] Source

allToks :: Foldable t => t a -> [a] Source

tokAtOrBefore :: Foldable t => Point -> t (Tok t1) -> Maybe (Tok t1) Source

toksInRegion :: Foldable t1 => Region -> t1 (Tok t) -> [Tok t] Source

sepBy :: Alternative f => f a -> f v -> f [a] Source

sepBy1 :: Alternative f => f a -> f v -> f [a] Source

getFirstElement :: Foldable t => t a -> Maybe a Source

Return the 1st token of a subtree.

getLastElement :: Foldable t => t a -> Maybe a Source

Return the last token of a subtree.

getLastPath :: IsTree tree => [tree (Tok t)] -> Point -> Maybe [tree (Tok t)] Source

Search the given list, and return the last tree before the given point; with path to the root. (Root is at the start of the path)

getAllSubTrees :: IsTree tree => tree t -> [tree t] Source

Return all subtrees in a tree, in preorder.

tokenBasedAnnots :: Foldable t1 => (a1 -> Maybe a) -> t1 a1 -> t -> [a] Source

tokenBasedStrokes :: Foldable t3 => (a -> b) -> t3 a -> t -> t2 -> t1 -> [b] Source

fromLeafToLeafAfter :: IsTree tree => Point -> Node (tree (Tok a)) -> Node (tree (Tok a)) Source

Search the tree in pre-order starting at a given node, until finding a leaf which is at or after the given point. An effort is also made to return a leaf as close as possible to p.

TODO: rename to fromLeafToLeafAt

fromNodeToFinal :: IsTree tree => Region -> Node (tree (Tok a)) -> Node (tree (Tok a)) Source

Given an approximate path to a leaf at the end of the region, return: (path to leaf at the end of the region,path from focused node to the leaf, small node encompassing the region)