yi- The Haskell-Scriptable Editor

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Search/Replace functions



setRegexE :: SearchExp -> EditorM ()Source

Put regex into regex register

resetRegexE :: EditorM ()Source

Clear the regex register

getRegexE :: EditorM (Maybe SearchExp)Source

Return contents of regex register

type SearchMatch = RegionSource

Global searching. Search for regex and move point to that position. Nothing means reuse the last regular expression. Just s means use s as the new regular expression. Direction of search can be specified as either Backward or Forward (forwards in the buffer). Arguments to modify the compiled regular expression can be supplied as well.

data SearchOption Source



Compile for matching that ignores char case


Compile for newline-insensitive matching


Treat the input not as a regex but as a literal string to search for.




:: Maybe String

Nothing means used previous pattern, if any. Complain otherwise. Use getRegexE to check for previous patterns

-> [SearchOption]

Flags to modify the compiled regex

-> Direction

Backward or Forward

-> EditorM SearchResult 

continueSearch :: (SearchExp, Direction) -> BufferM SearchResultSource

Do a search, placing cursor at first char of pattern, if found. Keymaps may implement their own regex language. How do we provide for this? Also, what's happening with ^ not matching sol?

Batch search-replace



:: String

The String to search for

-> String

The String to replace it with

-> Region

The region to perform this over

-> BufferM Int 

Search and Replace all within the current region. Note the region is the final argument since we might perform the same search and replace over multiple regions however we are unlikely to perform several search and replaces over the same region since the first such may change the bounds of the region.



:: String

The String to search for

-> String

The String to replace it with

-> BufferM Int 

Peform a search and replace on the selection

replaceString :: String -> String -> BufferM IntSource

Replace a string by another everywhere in the document

searchAndRepUnit :: String -> String -> Bool -> TextUnit -> EditorM BoolSource

Search and replace in the region defined by the given unit. The rest is as in searchAndRepRegion.

Incremental Search


qrNext :: Window -> BufferRef -> SearchExp -> EditorM ()Source

Find the next match and select it. Point is end, mark is beginning.

qrReplaceAll :: Window -> BufferRef -> SearchExp -> String -> EditorM ()Source

Replace all the remaining occurrences.

qrFinish :: EditorM ()Source

Exit from query/replace.