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data Window Source

A window onto a buffer.




isMini :: !Bool

regular or mini window?

bufkey :: !BufferRef

the buffer this window opens to

bufAccessList :: ![BufferRef]

list of last accessed buffers (former bufKeys). Last accessed one is first element

height :: Int

height of the window (in number of screen lines displayed)

winRegion :: Region

view area. note that the top point is also available as a buffer mark.

wkey :: !WindowRef

identifier for the window (for UI sync) This is required for accurate scrolling. Scrolling depends on the actual number of buffer lines displayed. Line wrapping changes that number relative to the height so we can't use height for that purpose.

actualLines :: Int

The actual number of buffer lines displayed. Taking into account line wrapping

winkey :: Window -> (Bool, BufferRef)Source

Get the identification of a window.

dummyWindow :: BufferRef -> WindowSource

Return a fake window onto a buffer.