-- Copyright (c) 2007,8 JP Bernardy
-- Copyright (c) 2004 Don Stewart - http://www.cse.unsw.edu.au/~dons

-- |
-- Facade of the Yi library, for use by confguration file. Just re-exports
-- a bunch of modules.
-- You should therefore:
--      import Yi
-- in your ~/.yi/ scripts

module Yi
    module Data.Prototype, -- prototypes are mainly there for config; makes sense to export them.
    module Yi.Boot,
    module Yi.Config,
    module Yi.Core,
    module Yi.Dired,
    module Yi.Eval,
    module Yi.File,
    module Yi.Config.Default,
    module Yi.Search,
    module Yi.Style,
    module Yi.Style.Library,
    module Yi.Misc,
    module Yi.Mode.Haskell,
#ifdef SCION
    module Yi.Scion
  ) where

import Data.Prototype
import Yi.Boot
import Yi.Config
import Yi.Core
import Yi.Dired
import Yi.Eval
import Yi.File
import Yi.Config.Default
import Yi.Search
import Yi.Style
import Yi.Style.Library
import Yi.Misc
import Yi.Mode.Haskell (ghciGet, ghciLoadBuffer)
#ifdef SCION
import Yi.Scion