yi-0.7.1: The Haskell-Scriptable Editor

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data UIConfig Source




configVtyEscDelay :: Int
configFontName :: Maybe String

Font name, for the UI that support it.

configFontSize :: Maybe Int

Font size, for the UI that support it.

configScrollStyle :: Maybe ScrollStyle

Style of scroll

configScrollWheelAmount :: Int

Amount to move the buffer when using the scroll wheel

configLeftSideScrollBar :: Bool

Should the scrollbar be shown on the left side?

configAutoHideScrollBar :: Bool

Hide scrollbar automatically if text fits on one page.

configAutoHideTabBar :: Bool

Hide the tabbar automatically if only one tab is present

configLineWrap :: Bool

Wrap lines at the edge of the window if too long to display.

configCursorStyle :: CursorStyle
configWindowFill :: Char

The char with which to fill empty window space. Usually '~' for vi-like editors, ' ' for everything else.

configTheme :: Theme

UI colours

data CursorStyle Source

When should we use a "fat" cursor (i.e. 2 pixels wide, rather than 1)? Fat cursors have only been implemented for the Pango frontend.

data Config Source

Configuration record. All Yi hooks can be set here.




startFrontEnd :: UIBoot

UI to use.

configUI :: UIConfig

UI-specific configuration.

startActions :: [Action]

Actions to run when the editor is started.

initialActions :: [Action]

Actions to run after startup (after startActions) or reload.

defaultKm :: KeymapSet

Default keymap to use.

configInputPreprocess :: P Event Event
modeTable :: [AnyMode]

List modes by order of preference.

debugMode :: Bool

Produce a .yi.dbg file with a lot of debug information.

configRegionStyle :: RegionStyle

Set to Exclusive for an emacs-like behaviour.

configKillringAccumulate :: Bool

Set to True for an emacs-like behaviour, where all deleted text is accumulated in a killring.

configCheckExternalChangesObsessively :: Bool
bufferUpdateHandler :: [[Update] -> BufferM ()]
layoutManagers :: [AnyLayoutManager]

List of layout managers for cycleLayoutManagersNext

configVars :: ConfigVariables

Custom configuration, containing the YiConfigVariables. Configure with configVariableA.

type UIBoot = Config -> (Event -> IO ()) -> ([Action] -> IO ()) -> Editor -> IO UISource