yi-0.7.1: The Haskell-Scriptable Editor

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A module for CTags integration



lookupTag :: Tag -> TagTable -> Maybe (FilePath, Int)Source

Find the location of a tag using the tag table. Returns a full path and line number

importTagTable :: FilePath -> IO TagTableSource

Read in a tag file from the system

hintTags :: TagTable -> String -> [String]Source

Gives all the possible expanded tags that could match a given prefix

completeTag :: TagTable -> String -> StringSource

Extends the string to the longest certain length

data TagTable Source




tagFileName :: FilePath

local name of the tag file TODO: reload if this file is changed

tagBaseDir :: FilePath

path to the tag file directory tags are relative to this path

tagFileMap :: Map Tag (FilePath, Int)

map from tags to files

tagTrie :: Trie

trie to speed up tag hinting

getTags :: EditorM (Maybe TagTable)Source

Get the currently registered tag table

setTags :: TagTable -> EditorM ()Source

Set a new TagTable

resetTags :: EditorM ()Source

Reset the TagTable