{-# LANGUAGE NoMonomorphismRestriction #-}
module Yi.Paths(
) where

import System.Directory(getAppUserDataDirectory, -- TODO: phase out in favour of xdg-dir
import System.FilePath((</>))
import Control.Monad.Trans(liftIO, MonadIO)
import qualified System.Environment.XDG.BaseDir as XDG

appUserDataCond ::(MonadIO m) => ([Char] -> IO FilePath) -> m FilePath
appUserDataCond dirQuery = liftIO $
  do oldDir <- getAppUserDataDirectory "yi"
     newDir <- dirQuery "yi"
     oldDirExists <- doesDirectoryExist oldDir
     newDirExists <- doesDirectoryExist newDir
     if newDirExists -- overrides old-style
        then return newDir
        else if oldDirExists -- old-style exists, use it
               then return oldDir
               else do createDirectoryIfMissing True newDir -- none exists, use new style, but create it
                       return newDir

getConfigDir ::(MonadIO m) => m FilePath
getConfigDir = appUserDataCond XDG.getUserConfigDir

getDataDir ::(MonadIO m) => m FilePath
getDataDir = appUserDataCond XDG.getUserDataDir

-- | Given a path relative to application data directory,
--   this function finds a path to a given data file.
getDataPath :: (MonadIO m) => FilePath -> m FilePath
getDataPath fp = getDataDir >>= (return . (</> fp))

-- | Given a path relative to application configuration directory,
--   this function finds a path to a given configuration file.
getConfigPath :: (MonadIO m) => FilePath -> m FilePath
getConfigPath fp = getConfigDir >>= (return . (</> fp))

-- Note: Dyre also uses XDG cache dir - that would be:
--getCachePath = getPathHelper XDG.getUserCacheDirectory

-- Below are all points that are used in Yi code (to keep it clean.)
getEvaluatorContextFilename, getConfigFilename, getConfigModules,
    getArticleDbFilename, getPersistentStateFilename :: (MonadIO m) => m FilePath

-- | Get Yi master configuration script.
getConfigFilename = getConfigPath "yi.hs"

getConfigModules = getConfigPath "modules"

-- | Get articles.db database of locations to visit (for Yi.IReader.)
getArticleDbFilename = getConfigPath "articles.db"

-- | Get path to Yi history that stores state between runs.
getPersistentStateFilename = getDataPath   "history"

-- | Get path to environment file that defines namespace used by Yi
--   command evaluator.
getEvaluatorContextFilename = getConfigPath $ "local" </> "Env.hs"