-- Copyright (c) 2007,8 JP Bernardy
-- Copyright (c) 2004 Don Stewart - http://www.cse.unsw.edu.au/~dons

-- |
-- Facade of the Yi library, for use by confguration file. Just re-exports
-- a bunch of modules.
-- You should therefore:
--      import Yi
-- in your ~/.config/yi/ scripts

module Yi
    module Data.Prototype, -- prototypes are mainly there for config; makes sense to export them.
    module Yi.Boot,
    module Yi.Config,
    module Yi.Core,
    module Yi.Dired,
    module Yi.Eval,
    module Yi.File,
    module Yi.Config.Default,
    module Yi.Search,
    module Yi.Style,
    module Yi.Style.Library,
    module Yi.Misc,
    module Yi.Mode.Haskell,
    module Yi.Mode.IReader,
#ifdef SCION
    module Yi.Scion
  ) where

import Data.Prototype
import Yi.Boot
import Yi.Config
import Yi.Core
import Yi.Dired
import Yi.Eval
import Yi.File
import Yi.Config.Default
import Yi.Search
import Yi.Style
import Yi.Style.Library
import Yi.Misc
import Yi.Mode.Haskell (ghciGet, ghciLoadBuffer)
import Yi.Mode.IReader (ireaderMode, ireadMode)
#ifdef SCION
import Yi.Scion