Changelog for yices-

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2010-02-04 Ahn, Ki Yung * Math/SMT/Yices/Parser.hs: fixed a bug in the parser which was not parsing fractional literals properly

2010-01-20 Tom Howkins * Math/SMT/Yices/Pipe.hs (quickCheckY'): filter out carriage return character to make it work for windows

2010-01-01 José Iborra * Math/SMT/Yices/Syntax.hs: Avoided quadratic complexity in the pretty printer and fixed a bug in the pretty printer * Math/SMT/Yices/Pipe.hs (checkY) : display Yices errors and extraneous output handling of "unknown" answers * Math/SMT/Yices/Pipe.hs (quickCheckY, quickCheckY') : Added a driver which does not use the yices interactive prompt. The interactive prompt has problems parsing large expressions, as warned in the Yices FAQ.

2009-08-04 Ahn, Ki Yung * Math/SMT/Yices/Parser.hs (echo, include): fix obvious parser error * Math/SMT/Yices/Pipe.hs (hGetReadyString, hGetReadyString1): comment out unused definition