yoko-0.2: generic programming with disbanded constructors

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Type.Yoko.Fun functions that implicitly return an applicative functor. The implicitness means that the Rng type instance is not expected to include the applicative functor.


type family Idiom fn :: * -> *Source

newtype DomainA fn t Source


AppABy (fn t -> Dom fn t -> Idiom fn (Rng fn t)) 


Applicative (Idiom (fn m)) => U ::: (DomainA (CMap fn m)) 
Applicative (Idiom (fn m)) => V ::: (DomainA (CMap fn m)) 
(Dom (fn m) t ~ Med m t, Rng (fn m) t ~ Med m (TApp (fn m) t), t ::: (DomainA (fn m)), Functor (Idiom (fn m)), Wrapper (fn m)) => (R t) ::: (DomainA (CMap fn m)) 
Applicative (Idiom (fn m)) => (D a) ::: (DomainA (CMap fn m)) 
(c ::: (DomainA (CMap fn m)), Functor (Idiom (fn m))) => (M i c) ::: (DomainA (CMap fn m)) 
(c ::: (DomainA (CMap fn m)), Applicative (Idiom (fn m)), Traversable f) => (F f c) ::: (DomainA (CMap fn m)) 
(c ::: (DomainA (CMap fn m)), d ::: (DomainA (CMap fn m)), Applicative (Idiom (fn m)), TraversableTSTSS ff) => (FF ff c d) ::: (DomainA (CMap fn m)) 

applyA :: t ::: (DomainA fn) => fn t -> Dom fn t -> Idiom fn (Rng fn t)Source

applyAU :: DomainA fn t -> fn t -> Dom fn t -> Idiom fn (Rng fn t)Source