Changelog for yoko-2.0

0.4 -> 0.9 =============== * I integrated all of the changes made during writing up my dissertation -- mostly superficial/renamings, though I did realize that the DCsOf wrapper was superfluous. * In particular, I renamed @exact_case@ to @precise_case@, which is polyvariadic in the ad-hoc cases. This makes for code that very much resembles a normal case expression. 0.2 -> 0.4 =============== * drastic simplifications when writing the ICFP submission * I'll eventually work those older features back in --- Though it is *extremely* unlikely, I apologize if you were using them. 0.1 -> 0.2 =============== * improved the treatment of automatically generating algebras * emphasizing DCOf over DCU * moved all of the documentation from README to * still obsessively tweaking names throughout the library * improved the treatment of unique constructors * added SiblingOf and a corresponding superclass constraint to DT