zoom-cache- A streamable, seekable, zoomable cache file format

MaintainerConrad Parker <conrad@metadecks.org>
Safe HaskellNone




Blaze-builder utility functions for writing ZoomCache files.


Creating builders for ZoomCache types

fromSampleOffset :: SampleOffset -> BuilderSource

Serialize a TimeStamp in 64bit big endian format.

Creating builders from numeric types used by ZoomCache

fromFloat :: Float -> BuilderSource

Serialize a Float in big-endian IEEE 754-2008 binary32 format (IEEE 754-1985 single format).

fromDouble :: Double -> BuilderSource

Serialize a Double in big-endian IEEE 754-2008 binary64 format (IEEE 754-1985 double format).

fromIntegral32be :: forall a. Integral a => a -> BuilderSource

Serialize an Integral in 32bit big endian format.

fromIntegerVLC :: Integer -> BuilderSource

Serialize an Integer in variable-length-coding format For details of the variable-length coding format, see Data.ZoomCache.Numeric.Int.

fromRational64 :: Rational -> BuilderSource

Serialize a Rational as a sequence of two 64bit big endian format integers.