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haskell-tools-debug250.0Debugging Tools for Haskell-tools (bsd3, language, library, program)2017-08-24lazac
haskell-tools-prettyprint390.0Pretty printing of Haskell-Tools AST (bsd3, language, library)2017-08-24lazac
haskell-tools-cli250.0Command-line frontend for Haskell-tools Refact (benchmark, bsd3, language, library, program)2017-08-24lazac
haskell-tools-daemon220.0Background process for Haskell-tools refactor that editors can connect to. (bsd3, language, library, program)2017-07-31lazac
haskell-tools-rewrite310.0Facilities for generating new parts of the Haskell-Tools AST (bsd3, language, library)2017-08-24lazac
haskell-tools-demo300.0A web-based demo for Haskell-tools Refactor. (bsd3, language, library, program)2017-08-24lazac
haskell-tools-backend-ghc300.0Creating the Haskell-Tools AST from GHC's representations (bsd3, language, library)2017-08-24lazac
haskell-tools-ast-trf100.0Conversions on Haskell-Tools AST to prepare for refactorings (bsd3, language, library)2016-10-05lazac
haskell-tools-ast-fromghc110.0Creating the Haskell-Tools AST from GHC's representations (bsd3, language, library)2016-10-05lazac
haskell-tools-ast-gen60.0Facilities for generating new parts of the Haskell-Tools AST (bsd3, language, library)2016-10-05lazac
haskell-tools-refactor310.0Refactoring Tool for Haskell (bsd3, language, library)2017-08-24lazac
fedora-haskell-tools420.0Building and tracking tools for Fedora Haskell (distribution, gpl, program)2017-10-26JensPetersen
haskell-tools-ast360.0Haskell AST for efficient tooling (bsd3, language, library)2017-08-24lazac
cparsing150.0A simple C++ parser with preprocessor features. C++ refactorings included. (bsd3, language, library)2017-11-16lazac

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