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wai16592.5Web Application Interface. (library, mit, web)2016-05-24KazuYamamoto, MichaelSnoyman
wai-logger16140.0A logging system for WAI (bsd3, library, web, yesod)2016-07-04KazuYamamoto
wai-extra14610.0Provides some basic WAI handlers and middleware. (library, mit, web)2017-06-22FelipeLessa, GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman
wai-app-static9070.0WAI application for static serving (library, mit, program, web, yesod)2016-08-17MichaelSnoyman
wai-websockets3870.0Provide a bridge between WAI and the websockets package. (library, mit, web, yesod)2016-09-04MichaelSnoyman
warp27032.5A fast, light-weight web server for WAI applications. (benchmark, library, mit, web, yesod)2017-07-04KazuYamamoto, MichaelSnoyman
hspec-wai1602.0Experimental Hspec support for testing WAI applications (library, mit, testing)2017-11-08DaisukeFujimura, SimonHengel
wai-cors492.0CORS for WAI (http, library, mit, network, web, yesod)2016-06-07JonSterling, larsk
wai-middleware-static860.0WAI middleware that serves requests to static files. (bsd3, library, web)2016-10-10AndrewFarmer, SimonHengel, ryanglscott
wai-conduit610.0conduit wrappers for WAI (conduit, library, mit, web)2015-12-30MichaelSnoyman
ekg-wai250.0Remote monitoring of processes (bsd3, library, network, system)2017-08-14TvH
scotty2260.0Haskell web framework inspired by Ruby's Sinatra, using WAI and Warp (bsd3, library, web)2016-01-26AndrewFarmer, SimonHengel, ryanglscott
engine-io-wai332.0 (bsd3, library, network)2017-03-02codedmart
wai-middleware-metrics290.0A WAI middleware to collect EKG request metrics (benchmark, bsd3, library, web)2017-03-30Helkafen
wai-session-postgresql260.0PostgreSQL backed Wai session store (bsd3, library, web)2017-10-24hc
wai-app-file-cgi260.0File/CGI/Rev Proxy App of WAI (bsd3, library, web, yesod)2016-07-08KazuYamamoto
wai-http2-extra240.0WAI utilities for HTTP/2 (library, mit, web)2016-07-22KazuYamamoto
http-reverse-proxy810.0Reverse proxy HTTP requests, either over raw sockets or with WAI (bsd3, library, web)2017-08-18MichaelSnoyman
hspec-wai-json370.0Testing JSON APIs with hspec-wai (library, mit, testing)2017-11-08SimonHengel
gssapi-wai390.0WAI Middleware for SPNEGO authentiaction (bsd3, library, network)2017-05-09ondrap
wai-routes142.0Typesafe URLs for Wai applications. (library, mit, network)2017-04-17AnupamJain
rest-wai140.0Rest driver for WAI applications. (bsd3, library, web)2016-05-02AdamBergmark, ErikHesselink, SebastiaanVisser
wai-predicates160.0WAI request predicates (library, web)2017-08-06ToralfWittner
wai-middleware-prometheus210.0WAI middlware for exposing metrics. (apache, library, network)2017-07-02fimad
wai-middleware-brotli270.0WAI middleware for brotli compression (bsd3, library, program, web)2017-10-28IanDuncan
ratel-wai100.0Notify Honeybadger about exceptions via a WAI middleware. (exceptions, library, mit)2017-07-29fozworth
wai-handler-launch260.0Launch a web app in the default browser. (library, mit, web)2017-09-05MichaelSnoyman
wai-cli120.0Command line runner for Wai apps (using Warp) with TLS, CGI, socket activation & graceful shutdown (library, public-domain, web)2017-03-27myfreeweb
hack2-interface-wai160.0Hack2 interface to WAI (bsd3, library, web)2017-01-04JinjingWang
wai-route130.0Minimalistic, efficient routing for WAI (library, mpl, web)2017-08-01romanb
wai-eventsource (deprecated in favor of wai-extra)150.0WAI support for server-sent events (deprecated) (deprecated, library, mit, web)2014-06-09FelipeLessa, MichaelSnoyman
wai-session100.0Flexible session middleware for WAI (library, web)2015-07-04StephenWeber
wai-routing100.0Declarative routing for WAI. (benchmark, library, mpl, web)2016-08-01ToralfWittner
helics-wai120.0New Relic® agent SDK wrapper for wai. (library, mit, network)2015-03-24HirotomoMoriwaki
wai-transformers80.0Simple parameterization of Wai's Application type (bsd3, library, web)2016-07-08athanclark
gc-monitoring-wai130.0a wai application to show GHC.GCStats (bsd3, library, web)2012-03-29YiHuang
mighttpd2740.0High performance web server on WAI/warp (bsd3, library, network, program, web)2017-11-14KazuYamamoto
Wheb250.0The frictionless WAI Framework (bsd3, library, web)2014-09-14hansonkd
strelka-wai80.0WAI compatibility layer for "strelka" (library, mit, unclassified)2017-03-16NikitaVolkov
wai-handler-fastcgi110.0Wai handler to fastcgi (library, mit, web)2015-12-30MichaelSnoyman
wai-lens60.0Lenses for WAI (bsd3, library, network, web)2015-03-29purefn
streaming-wai90.0Streaming Wai utilities (library, mit, web)2015-11-30WilliamCasarin
wai-graceful50.0Graceful shutdown for WAI applications. (library, mit, network)2013-11-27AlexanderBondarenko
wai-slack-middleware110.0A Slack middleware for WAI (bsd3, library, web)2017-05-06psibi
wai-lite (deprecated in favor of simple)60.0DEPCRECATED (use package "simple" instead) A minimalist web framework for WAI web applications (deprecated, gpl, library, web)2012-10-30AmitLevy
pipes-wai100.0A port of wai-conduit for the pipes ecosystem (library, mit, pipes, web)2016-01-08IanDuncan
wai-middleware-auth112.0Authentication middleware that secures WAI application (library, mit, program, web)2017-07-12lehins
wai-middleware-cache100.0Caching middleware for WAI. (bsd3, library, web)2012-10-11AlexanderDorofeev
wai-util60.0Collection of utility functions for use with WAI (library, web)2014-12-29StephenWeber
wai-frontend-monadcgi160.0Run CGI apps on WAI. (library, mit, web)2016-11-20MichaelSnoyman
wai-throttler50.0Wai middleware for request throttling (library, mit, web)2015-02-24mkulkin
wai-responsible50.0Response interface for WAI. (bsd3, library, network)2014-07-09pharpend
wai-middleware-throttle320.0WAI Middleware for Request Throttling (bsd3, library, web)2016-03-05ChristopherReichert, dfithian
wai-test (deprecated in favor of wai-extra)40.0Unit test framework (built on HUnit) for WAI applications. (deprecated) (deprecated, library, mit, testing, web, yesod)2014-06-09GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman
wai-router40.0Provides basic routing on URL paths for WAI. (library, mit, web)2012-05-21MarekDolgos
wai-handler-scgi (deprecated in favor of wai-extra)60.0Wai handler to SCGI (deprecated) (deprecated, library, mit, web)2014-03-21MichaelSnoyman
wai-middleware-caching90.0WAI Middleware to cache things (bsd3, library, web)2015-12-17yogsototh
wai-middleware-catch60.0Wai error catching middleware (bsd3, library, web)2012-10-11AlexanderDorofeev
network-wai-router60.0A routing library for wai (library, mit, web)2014-08-15georgerogers42
wai-handler-devel (deprecated in favor of yesod-bin)80.0WAI server that automatically reloads code after modification. (deprecated) (deprecated, library, mit, program, web)2014-03-26MichaelSnoyman
webcrank-wai40.0Build a WAI Application from Webcrank Resources (bsd3, library, web)2015-06-09purefn
wai-request-spec110.0Declarative request parsing (benchmark, bsd3, library, network, wai)2016-12-30alleledev
wai-hmac-auth40.0hmac authentication tools for WAI apps (bsd3, library, web)2014-12-24raptros
wai-middleware-etag50.0WAI ETag middleware for static files (bsd3, library, web)2015-10-16ameingast
wai-middleware-route90.0Wai dispatch middleware (bsd3, library, web)2012-09-23AlexanderDorofeev
wai-logger-prefork40.0A logging system for preforked WAI apps (bsd3, library, web, yesod)2012-09-03KazuYamamoto
wai-middleware-preprocessor40.0WAI middleware for preprocessing static files (gpl, library, web)2015-02-27taktoa
wai-middleware-consul60.0Wai Middleware for Consul (library, mit, network)2015-04-01MichaelSnoyman, dysinger
elm-websocket420.0Generate ELM code from a Wai websocket application. (bsd3, library, program, web)2017-11-01rhyskeepence
wai-static-pages60.0generate static html pages from a WAI application (library, mit, web)2015-02-15GregWeber
wai-session-alt60.0An alternative session middleware for WAI. (bsd3, library, web)2015-12-08athanclark
wai-devel50.0A web server for the development of WAI compliant web applications. (library, mit, program, web)2016-03-21urbanslug
web-routes-wai90.0Library for maintaining correctness of URLs within an application. (bsd3, language, library, web)2016-01-06JeremyShaw
http-pony-serve-wai80.0Serve a WAI application with http-pony (bsd3, library, network)2016-09-24JinjingWang
wai-middleware-caching-redis80.0Cache Wai Middleware using Redis backend (bsd3, library, web)2015-12-10yogsototh
wai-middleware-crowd90.0Middleware and utilities for using Atlassian Crowd authentication (library, mit, program, web)2016-08-17MichaelSnoyman
yesod-test210.0integration testing for WAI/Yesod Applications (library, mit, testing, web, yesod)2017-07-20GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman, psibi
wai-thrift40.0Thrift transport layer for Wai (library, mit, web)2015-10-21yogeshsajanikar
serversession-frontend-wai50.0wai-session bindings for serversession. (library, mit, web)2015-06-15FelipeLessa, GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman, MichaelXavier
wai-static-cache50.0A simple cache for serving static files in a WAI middleware (agpl, library, web)2014-09-25HugoGomes
magicbane750.0A web framework that integrates Servant, ClassyPrelude, EKG, fast-logger, wai-cli… (library, public-domain, web)2017-11-09myfreeweb
nero-wai40.0WAI adapter for Nero server applications (bsd3, library, web)2015-04-12jdnavarro
wai-middleware-cache-redis80.0Redis backend for wai-middleware-cache (bsd3, database, library, web)2012-09-23AlexanderDorofeev
wai-middleware-static-embedded80.0Serve embedded static files as a Wai middleware (bsd3, library, web)2017-04-27adamse
simple180.0A minimalist web framework for the WAI server interface (lgpl, library, program, web)2017-04-22AmitLevy
wai-middleware-static-caching (deprecated in favor of wai-middleware-static)40.0WAI middleware that serves requests to static files. (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2015-02-25AlexanderThiemann
wai-accept-language70.0Rewrite based on Accept-Language header (bsd3, library, program, web)2015-12-27tkmsm
wai-handler-snap (deprecated)80.0Web Application Interface handler using snap-server. (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2011-11-30MichaelSnoyman
wai-middleware-rollbar70.0Middleware that communicates to Rollbar. (bsd3, library, wai, web)2017-04-17joneshf
wai-session-clientsession70.0Session store based on clientsession (library, web)2012-09-07StephenWeber
serv-wai30.0Dependently typed API servers with Serv (bsd3, library, web)2016-02-26JosephAbrahamson
wai-handler-webkit50.0Turn WAI applications into standalone GUIs using QtWebkit. (library, mit, web)2015-12-30MichaelSnoyman
wai-middleware-verbs70.0Route different middleware responses based on the incoming HTTP verb. (bsd3, library, web)2016-08-20athanclark
wai-hastache40.0Nice wrapper around hastache for use with WAI (library, web)2012-08-14StephenWeber
wai-middleware-gunzip30.0WAI middleware to unzip request bodies (library, mpl, web)2015-06-07ToralfWittner
wai-dispatch50.0Nice wrapper around yesod-routes for use with WAI (library, web)2012-08-09StephenWeber
wai-digestive-functors50.0Helpers to bind digestive-functors onto wai requests (library, web)2014-05-15StephenWeber
filter-logger260.0Filterable request logging wai middleware. Change how data is logged and when. (library, mit, program, web)2017-07-15jmc41493
wai-session-mysql50.0MySQL backed Wai session store (bsd3, library, web)2016-07-03Lupino
herringbone-wai40.0Wai adapter for the Herringbone web asset preprocessor. (library, mit, web)2014-07-27hdgarrood
webapi40.0WAI based library for web api (bsd3, library, web)2016-08-03magesh, ersran9
wai-middleware-headers30.0cors and addHeaders for WAI (bsd3, library, web)2012-02-06SeanHess
wai-middleware-hmac40.0HMAC Authentication Middleware for WAI (bsd3, library, web)2015-01-25ChristopherReichert
nested-routes50.0Declarative, compositional Wai responses (bsd3, library, web)2017-09-02athanclark
wai-secure-cookies40.0 (library, mit, program, web)2017-09-04alaminium
wai-make-assets40.0Compiling and serving assets (bsd3, development, library, program)2016-09-16SoenkeHahn
wai-middleware-caching-lru90.0Initial project template from stack (bsd3, library, web)2015-12-09yogsototh
wai-middleware-hmac-client40.0WAI HMAC Authentication Middleware Client (bsd3, library, web)2015-02-24ChristopherReichert
seacat40.0Small web framework using Warp and WAI (library, web)2014-07-31barrucadu
wai-middleware-content-type60.0Route to different middlewares based on the incoming Accept header. (bsd3, library, web)2017-09-02athanclark
wai-session-tokyocabinet30.0Session store based on Tokyo Cabinet (library, web)2012-09-07StephenWeber
wai-middleware-json-errors60.0Converts errors from plaintext to json (bsd3, library, web)2017-09-20seanhess
waitra50.0A very simple Wai router (library, mit, web)2015-09-01phadej
warp-static (deprecated in favor of wai-app-static)50.0Static file server based on Warp and wai-app-static (deprecated) (deprecated, mit, program, web)2014-03-21MichaelSnoyman
respond30.0process and route HTTP requests and generate responses on top of WAI (bsd3, library, program, web)2014-12-20raptros
webapp32.0Haskell web app framework based on WAI & Warp (library, mit, web)2017-04-14natesymer
kawaii40.0Utilities for serving static sites and blogs with Wai/Warp (apache, library, web)2016-08-21etcinit
trasa-server70.0Type safe web server (bsd3, library, web)2017-06-17mckeankylej
logentries50.0Request logger middleware for Logentries (bsd3, library, web)2016-07-12toddmohney
MFlow1600.0stateful, RESTful web framework (application-server, bsd3, library, web)2015-09-21AlbertoCorona
line122.0Haskell SDK for the LINE API (bsd3, library, network)2017-09-27noraesae
scgi (deprecated in favor of wai)90.0A Haskell library for writing SCGI programs. (bsd3, deprecated, library, network)2010-11-02ChrisForno, EricSessoms, StephenBlackheath
http-accept50.0Functions for working with HTTP Accept headers (library, web)2012-10-09StephenWeber
prometheus-effect422.0Instrument applications with metrics and publish/push to Prometheus (bsd3, library, program, unclassified)2017-11-08OliverCharles
fn512.25A functional web framework. (library, web)2017-09-13DanielPatterson, LibbyHoracek
strelka50.0A simple, flexible and composable web-router (library, mit, web)2017-04-24NikitaVolkov
lio-simple40.0LIO support for the Simple web framework (lgpl, library, program, web)2014-04-20DeianStefan
mellon-web50.0A REST web service for Mellon controllers (bsd3, library, web)2017-09-04dhess

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