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Most contributors to Hackage attach their real name to their packages and contributions. However, we have no wish to discourage contributors with personal or professional reasons for wanting pseudonymity. We ask only that such people choose a name (and username) that looks at home among a collection of real names; we will be unwilling to add Kittenlover97 to the package uploader group.

After your account is created, you cannot upload until you are added to the uploaders group. You can be added to the uploaders group by asking two confirmed uploaders to endorse you (information will be provided in the email).

Alternately, you can contact the hackage trustees at and send an email (including your login username and the package you intend to upload) requesting to be added to the uploader group. (This measure is unfortunately necessary to prevent spam accounts).

You will be sent an email containing a link to a page where you can set your password and activate your account.

Open source licenses

The code and other material you upload and distribute via this site must be under an open source license. This is a service operated for the benefit of the community and that is our policy. It is also so that we can operate the service in compliance with copyright laws.

The Hackage operators do not want to be in the business of making judgements on what is and is not a valid open source license, but we retain the right to remove packages that are not under licenses that are open source in spirit, or that conflict with our ability to operate this service. (If you want advice, see the ones Cabal recommends.)

The Hackage operators do not need and are not asking for any rights beyond those granted by the open source license you choose to use. All normal open source licenses grant enough rights to be able to operate this service.

In particular, we expect as a consequence of the license that:

  1. we have the right to distribute what you have uploaded to other people
  2. we have the right to distribute certain derivatives and format conversions, including but not limited to:
    • documentation derived from the package
    • alternative presentations and formats of code (e.g. html markup)
    • excerpts and presentation of package metadata
    • modified versions of package metadata