AesonBson-0.2.2: Mapping between Aeson's JSON and Bson objects.

Safe HaskellNone



Convert JSON to BSON and the other way around.

Note that BSON has more data types than JSON, so some BSON to JSON conversions are not bijective and somewhat arbitrary.

This means that for some BSON objects:

bsonify . aesonify /= id
bsonifyValue . aesonifyValue /= id

We tried to choose sensible translations on those cases.



aesonify :: Document -> Object Source

Converts a BSON document to an AESON object.

aesonifyValue :: Value -> Value Source

Converts a BSON value to JSON.

bsonify :: Object -> Document Source

Converts an AESON object to a BSON document.

bsonifyValue :: Value -> Value Source

Converts a JSON value to BSON.