Agda-2.6.0: A dependently typed functional programming language and proof assistant

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This module defines the lex action to lex nested comments. As is well-known this cannot be done by regular expressions (which, incidently, is probably the reason why C-comments don't nest).

When scanning nested comments we simply keep track of the nesting level, counting up for open comments and down for close comments.



keepComments :: LexPredicate Source #

Should comment tokens be output?

keepCommentsM :: Parser Bool Source #

Should comment tokens be output?

nestedComment :: LexAction Token Source #

Manually lexing a block comment. Assumes an open comment has been lexed. In the end the comment is discarded and lexToken is called to lex a real token.

hole :: LexAction Token Source #

Lex a hole ({! ... !}). Holes can be nested. Returns TokSymbol SymQuestionMark.

skipBlock :: String -> String -> LookAhead () Source #

Skip a block of text enclosed by the given open and close strings. Assumes the first open string has been consumed. Open-close pairs may be nested.