Agda-2.6.0: A dependently typed functional programming language and proof assistant

Safe HaskellNone



The parser is generated by Happy ( - - Ideally, ranges should be as precise as possible, to get messages that - emphasize precisely the faulting term(s) upon error. - - However, interactive highlighting is only applied at the end of each - mutual block, keywords are only highlighted once (see - Decl). So if the ranges of two declarations - interleave, one must ensure that keyword ranges are not included in - the intersection. (Otherwise they are uncolored by the interactive - highlighting.) -



moduleParser :: Parser Module Source #

Parse a module.

exprParser :: Parser Expr Source #

Parse an expression. Could be used in interactions.

exprWhereParser :: Parser ExprWhere Source #

Parse an expression followed by a where clause. Could be used in interactions.

tokensParser :: Parser [Token] Source #

Parse the token stream. Used by the TeX compiler.

splitOnDots :: String -> [String] Source #

Breaks up a string into substrings. Returns every maximal subsequence of zero or more characters distinct from ..

splitOnDots ""         == [""]
splitOnDots ""  == ["foo", "bar"]
splitOnDots "" == ["", "foo", "bar"]
splitOnDots "" == ["foo", "bar", ""]
splitOnDots "" == ["foo", "", "bar"]