Agda-2.6.0: A dependently typed functional programming language and proof assistant

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checkArguments :: ExpandHidden -> Range -> [NamedArg Expr] -> Type -> Type -> (MaybeRanges -> Elims -> Type -> CheckedTarget -> TCM Term) -> TCM Term Source #

checkArguments exph r args t0 t k tries checkArgumentsE exph args t0 t. If it succeeds, it continues k with the returned results. If it fails, it registers a postponed typechecking problem and returns the resulting new meta variable.

Checks e := ((_ : t0) args) : t.

checkArguments_ Source #


:: ExpandHidden

Eagerly insert trailing hidden arguments?

-> Range

Range of application.

-> [NamedArg Expr]

Arguments to check.

-> Telescope

Telescope to check arguments against.

-> TCM (Elims, Telescope)

Checked arguments and remaining telescope if successful.

Check that a list of arguments fits a telescope. Inserts hidden arguments as necessary. Returns the type-checked arguments and the remaining telescope.

checkApplication :: Comparison -> Expr -> Args -> Expr -> Type -> TCM Term Source #

checkApplication hd args e t checks an application. Precondition: Application hs args = appView e

checkApplication disambiguates constructors (and continues to checkConstructorApplication) and resolves pattern synonyms.

inferApplication :: ExpandHidden -> Expr -> Args -> Expr -> TCM (Term, Type) Source #

Precondition: Application hd args = appView e.

checkProjAppToKnownPrincipalArg :: Comparison -> Expr -> ProjOrigin -> NonemptyList QName -> Args -> Type -> Int -> Term -> Type -> TCM Term Source #

Checking the type of an overloaded projection application. See inferOrCheckProjAppToKnownPrincipalArg.