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Exports VerboseHit results back into text. As a likely scenario is a pipeline where hits are to be filtered out, this provides enumeratee's that handle additional annotations as required by the file format for CMs, scaffolds, and strand information. If you just need a way to show the data, use printVerboseHit.



eneeByteStrings :: Monad m => Enumeratee [VerboseHit] [ByteString] m aSource

This transformer keeps a 1-1 relationship between each VerboseHit and bytestring representation. Useful for merging different streams, if individual VerboseHits are to be annotated.

showVerboseHit :: VerboseHit -> ByteStringSource

Given the current state a and verbose hit h, determine if any state switches have to be emitted.

Convert a VerboseHit to a string, ready for printing as in the input file.