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Shallow-embedded implementation of ForSyDe (see ForSyDe.Shallow.Signal).

Unlike systems built using the deep-embedded Signal type of ForSyDe (see ForSyDe.Signal), systems built with ForSyDe.Shallow.Signal can make use of new and experimental features such as multiple, heterogeneous MoCs (Models of Computation) other than the Synchronous MoC (the only Model of Computation currently supported by deep-embdded ForSyDe). However, as an important tradeoff, ForSyDe.Shallow.Signal is unaware of the resulting system structure, only allowing simulation (i.e. a VHDL or GraphML backend is impossible to implement).

The shallow implementation of ForSyDe consists of three main libraries:

module ForSyDe.Shallow.CoreLib
module ForSyDe.Shallow.MoCLib
module ForSyDe.Shallow.UtilityLib
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