HGE2D- 2D game engine written in Haskell

Copyright(c) 2016 Martin Buck
Licensesee LICENSE
Safe HaskellNone



Containing basic shapes which can be used to define more complex ones through combination



borderedRectangle :: GlWidth -> GlHeight -> GlThickness -> GlColorRGB -> GlColorRGBA -> RenderInstruction Source #

A bordered rectangle define by width, height, thickness and two colors

line :: GlPoint2 -> GlPoint2 -> GlThickness -> RenderInstruction Source #

A line defined by its start and end points and a thickness

wireFrame :: GlWidth -> GlHeight -> GlThickness -> RenderInstruction Source #

A wireframe defined by width heigh and thickness (the borders of a box)

rectangle :: GlWidth -> GlHeight -> RenderInstruction Source #

A rectangle defined by width and height

ring :: GlRadius -> GlThickness -> RenderInstruction Source #

A ring defined by its radius and thickness

circle :: GlRadius -> RenderInstruction Source #

A circle defined by its radius