Changelog for HTab-1.7.2

* 2019.04.25 : 1.7.2 o --memory flag to run memory logic testsuite o compile with GHC 8.6 * 2016.06.03 : 1.7.0 o --translation to support relation-changing modal logics * 2011.12.02 : 1.6.0 o pattern based blocking by default o lazy branching on all nodes except with chain blocking o cumulative model building with pattern or inclusion blocking o remove support for transitive closure modalities o remove support for injective and functional modalities o remove noloopcheck flag * 2010.09.27 : 1.5.4 o lazy branching by default o fix memory leak o flag changes (see --help) * 2010.05.13 : 1.5.3 o eager unit propagation by default o remove unsat caching o functional and injective modalities support broken for now (non terminating) o some flag changes (see --help) * 2009.11.10 : 1.5.2 o fix bug that made 1.5.1 nearly unusable o instance retrieval handling (return all nominals making true a given formula) o add example formulas for all supported languages o add a --no-loop-check switch (to use with -U -F) o no longer need --simple if the first word of the input is "begin" * 2009.10.29 : 1.5.1 o role inclusion and role equality support of the form r subsetof {s,t,u} r equals {s,t,u} where { } = union of o MERGE rule no longer immediate (m in the strategy string) o AND rule now immediate o internal changes * 2009.10.03 : 1.5.0 o new input format with multiple queries support o converse modalities support o reflexive, symmetric and transitive modalities support o experimental support for injective and functional modalities o experimental support for the transitive closure modality o fair strategy, strategy order and unrestricted blocking options o caching for H(@,A) * 2009.03.02 : 1.4.0 o down-arrow binder support o compilable with GHC 6.10 o removed full clash and latex output o bugfixes * 2008.10.30 : 1.3.5 o unit propagation optimisation o chain-based blocking for H(@,E) (global blocking still available as an option) * 2008.04.24 : 1.3.4 o difference modality support o no longer depends on happy o bugfixes and optimisations o last version compilable with GHC 6.6.X * 2008.02.11 : 1.3.3 o universal modality support o equivalence classes handled with disjoint-set forest o less duplications of formulas o more efficient box rule * 2007.12.05 : 1.2.2 o backjumping performance improved o changed command line parameters and configuration file handling o reads input form standard input when no input file is provided o added quiet mode o use HyLoLib's lexer for compatibility * 2007.10.29 : 1.1 o backjumping o more efficient structures for the box rule o save config file in $HOME * 2007.09.28 : 1.0 o semantic branching o full clash o model building