HaTeX- The Haskell LaTeX library.

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LaTeX values pretty printer.

Still experimental. Give it a try and send us your feedback! :)


LaTeX pretty printer

prettyLaTeX :: LaTeX -> StringSource

Pretty print a LaTeX value. It produces a more human-friendly output than render.

This function should be used only for debugging purposes since it may change the semantics of the input in order to create a prettier output. In other words, running a LaTeX compiler in the output file of renderFile fp l may produce a different document than running it in the output of writeFile fp (prettyLaTeX l). You should use renderFile unless you really need to read the LaTeX file.

Configurable printer

docLaTeX :: LaTeX -> Doc ()Source

This function transforms a value of type LaTeX to a Doc. You can then choose how to print this Doc value using the function from the Text.PrettyPrint.Free module.