LambdaHack- A roguelike game engine in early and active development

Safe HaskellNone



Saving/loading with serialization and compression.



encodeEOF :: Binary a => FilePath -> a -> IO ()Source

Serialize, compress and save data with an EOF marker. The OK is used as an EOF marker to ensure any apparent problems with corrupted files are reported to the user ASAP.

strictDecodeEOF :: Binary a => FilePath -> IO aSource

Read, decompress and deserialize data with an EOF marker. The OK EOF marker ensures any easily detectable file corruption is discovered and reported before the function returns.

tryCreateDir :: FilePath -> IO ()Source

Try to create a directory, if it doesn't exist. Terminate the program with an exception if the directory does not exist, but can't be created.

tryCopyDataFiles :: FilePath -> (FilePath -> IO FilePath) -> [(FilePath, FilePath)] -> IO ()Source

Try to copy over data files, if not already there.