QuickCheck-2.7.1: Automatic testing of Haskell programs

Safe HaskellNone



QuickCheck's internal state. Internal QuickCheck module.



data State Source

State represents QuickCheck's internal state while testing a property. The state is made visible to callback functions.




terminal :: Terminal

the current terminal

maxSuccessTests :: Int

maximum number of successful tests needed

maxDiscardedTests :: Int

maximum number of tests that can be discarded

computeSize :: Int -> Int -> Int

how to compute the size of test cases from discarded tests

numSuccessTests :: Int

the current number of tests that have succeeded

numDiscardedTests :: Int

the current number of discarded tests

numRecentlyDiscardedTests :: Int

the number of discarded tests since the last successful test

collected :: [[(String, Int)]]

all labels that have been collected so far

expectedFailure :: Bool

indicates if the property is expected to fail

randomSeed :: QCGen

the current random seed

numSuccessShrinks :: Int

number of successful shrinking steps so far

numTryShrinks :: Int

number of failed shrinking steps since the last successful shrink

numTotTryShrinks :: Int

total number of failed shrinking steps