RANSAC- The RANSAC algorithm for parameter estimation.

Safe HaskellNone



The RANdom SAmple Consensus (RANSAC) algorithm for estimating the parameters of a mathematical model from a data set. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RANSAC for more information.



ransac :: (Vector v a, Vector v d, Num d, Ord d) => Int -> Int -> Float -> (v a -> Maybe c) -> (c -> a -> d) -> (d -> Bool) -> v a -> IO (Maybe (c, v a)) Source

ransac iter sampleSize agreePct fit residual goodFit pts draws iter samples of size sampleSize from pts. The fit function is used to produce a model from each of these samples. The elements of pts whose residuals pass the goodFit predicate with respect to this model are identified as inliers, and used to update the model. The model for which the size of the inliers set is at least agreePct percent of the entire data set and whose error over all points is minimal among all sampled models is returned. If no acceptable model is found (i.e. no model whose inliers were at least agreePct percent of the entire data set), Nothing is returned.