UISF- Library for Arrowized Graphical User Interfaces.

Safe HaskellNone




timeEx :: UISF () ()Source

This example displays the time from the start of the GUI application.

buttonEx :: UISF () ()Source

This example shows off buttons and state by presenting a plus and minus button with a counter that is adjusted by them.

checkboxEx :: UISF () ()Source

This example shows off the checkbox widgets.

radioButtonEx :: UISF () ()Source

This example shows off the radio button widget.

shoppinglist :: UISF () ()Source

This example shows off integral sliders (horizontal in the case).

colorDemo :: UISF () ()Source

This example shows off both vertical sliders as well as the canvas widget. The canvas widget can be used to easily create custom graphics in the GUI. Here, it is used to make a color swatch that is controllable with RGB values by the sliders.

textboxdemo :: UISF () ()Source

This example shows off the textbox widget. Text can be typed in, and that text is transferred to the display widget below when the button is pressed.

main :: IO ()Source

This is the main demo that incorporates all of the other examples together (except for fftEx). In addition to demonstrating how different widgets can connect, it also shows off the tabbing behavior built in to the GUI. Pressing tab cycles through focuable elements, and pressing shift-tab cycles in reverse.