Changelog for Yampa-0.9.6

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2014-08-29 Ivan Perez

    * Yampa.cabal: version bump (0.9.6)
    * src/: Adds a substantial amount of documentation.
    * src/FRP/Yampa.hs: Adds a new pause combinator.

2014-06-04 Ivan Perez

    * Adds project to hudson-backed continuous integration server.

2014-04-26 Ivan Perez

    * Yampa.cabal: version bump (0.9.5)
    * Adds CHANGELOG to cabal file

2014-04-07 Ivan Perez

    * Yampa.cabal: new maintainer, version bump (0.9.4).
    * src/: documentation is exposed so that Haddock can process it
    * No interface changes

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