Changelog for agum-2.7

2018-01-06 John D. Ramsdell <> * src/Algebra/AbelianGroup/Main.hs (readM): Adapted the code to work when Monad no longer has a fail method. 2015-04-27 John D. Ramsdell <> * src/Algebra/AbelianGroup/Main.hs (AnsErr): Added Functor and Applicative instance so that the code compiles in GHC 7.10. Thanks go to Douglas McClean. * agum.cabal (Version): Released as version 2.6 2013-02-21 John D. Ramsdell <> * agum.cabal (Location): Added repository location. * agum.cabal (Version): Released as version 2.5 2012-02-29 John D. Ramsdell <> * agum.cabal (Version): Released as version 2.4. Also, constrained the containers package to be 0.3 or greater. * src/Algebra/AbelianGroup/UnificationMatching.hs: Replaced occurrences of Data.Map.foldWithKey by Data.Map.foldrWithKey as the former has been deprecated. 2010-06-21 John D. Ramsdell <> * agum.cabal (Version): Released as version 2.3. * agum.cabal (Build-Depends): changes dependency to base >= 3 && <5, containers 2009-09-17 John D. Ramsdell <> * agum.cabal (Version): Released as version 2.2. 2009-09-14 John D. Ramsdell <> * src/Algebra/AbelianGroup/IntLinEq.hs: Integer solutions to linear equation solver was placed in its own module. 2009-09-13 John D. Ramsdell <> * src/Algebra/AbelianGroup/UnificationMatching.hs (unify): Changed the result to be a substitution since unification always succeeds. 2009-09-05 John D. Ramsdell <> * src/Algebra/AbelianGroup/UnificationMatching.hs: Added reference to Andrew Kennedy's Ph.D. thesis as it contains a proof of correctness of the implemented matching algorithm. * agum.cabal (Version): Released as version 2.1. 2009-08-29 John D. Ramsdell <> * src/Algebra/AbelianGroup/UnificationMatching.hs (Substitution, apply): Hid the representation of a substitution and supplied a function for applying a substitution to a term. * agum.cabal (Version): Released as version 2.0.